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UPDATE: March 4 2014: Sigh. So, our provider has been moving some servers around and doing upgrades and this has caused some issues with the site's software, email, and all sorts of things. We've been working on getting everything back into the queue, but some emails from earlier may not have been going out. We are working very hard to get everything approved, profiles up to date, etc. Thanks for your patience - when we tested, things seemed to be working, but apparently they're not for some people. We are SO SORRY about the delays and hope to have everything up and going by Friday at the latest.

Penpals can help you learn about different cultures, or become a friend for life. It's fun, educational, and rewarding. New! You can now see a list of all penpals by Language or Occupation! Click over to the PenPal search page to search for a penpal if you want to narrow your search even more.

Here at Penpal Party, you can post your own profile for others to browse through, or contact someone who has already requested a pen pal. So don't wait -- find a penpal today or sign up to be a penpal.

If you are a teacher seeking email pals for your students, you may use the "Teacher's Only" section to post a request and a description of your class. If you are just an individual looking for a pen pal, you may post requests as well.

Just choose one of the links to search for pen pals, request pen pals, browse the list of pen pal requests, or delete a request you previously posted. And above all -- have fun!
Newest Members
Lauren 14/F/USA2022-01-24 18:33 PST
secret_land49/M/Serbia2022-01-24 15:03 PST
sarah28/F/France2022-01-20 07:02 PST
Eishu20/F/Czech Republic2022-01-19 03:42 PST
Armando Vias21/M/USA2022-01-16 10:19 PST
Merman34/M/India2022-01-16 06:16 PST
kasey hagenno16/F/USA2022-01-14 13:22 PST
Emmy23/F/USA2022-01-13 18:40 PST
ElnazRoushan29/F/Iran (Islamic Republic Of2022-01-11 13:42 PST
Jack55/M/USA2022-01-11 06:44 PST
Leonard 63/M/USA2022-01-10 18:34 PST
Pia15/F/India2022-01-10 10:41 PST
snowswan26/F/Italy2022-01-09 07:15 PST
MarJanAgi 13/F/Greece2022-01-06 23:47 PST
MarJanAgi13/F/Greece2022-01-06 23:33 PST
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